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The combustion or thrust chamber can be considered as divided into five major components: the injector assembly, the grain compartment, the aft mixing chamber. thrust chamber — combustion chamber, propulsion chamber (in rockets) English contemporary dictionary. Thrust reversal — Thrust reversal, also called reverse. Translations in context of "thrust chamber" in English-Russian from Reverso Context: The heart of the engine was the thrust chamber, which mixed and burned. Thrust Chamber · Typically, a well-designed injector atomizes a large population of propellant droplets to less than inches ( microns) in diameter. Thrust chambers are an essential subassembly of liquid propellant rocket engines. This chapter describes chemical rocket thrust chambers and their. Rocket thrust is caused by pressures acting in the combustion chamber and nozzle. From Newton's third law, equal and opposite pressures act on the exhaust, and. Below is a schematic of what, on a rocket engine, would be called the thrust chamber assembly or the main injector plus main combustion chamber plus the nozzle. This paper presents a preliminary dimensional study of small thrust chamber using LOX/LCH4 as propellants. In this study, the mixture ratio of the. As the design of a liquid rocket engine thrust chamber depends highly on its application, i.e. main stage or upper stage, and the chosen engine. The thrust chamber is the most recognizable portion of the F-1 rocket engine. While the entire thrust chamber assembly consists of a gimbal bearing.